IELTS MASTER | Latest Makkar Cue Cards for IELTS Speaking

Latest Makkar Cue Cards for IELTS Speaking

1. Describe a good law in your country
2. Describe a time when you had some medicine
3. Describe something you made with your hand for your friend
4. Talk about something you like to do in your leisure time
5. Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn
6. Talk about the happiest situation in your life
7. Talk about a beautiful city
8. Describe a family business
9. Describe a time when you searched for information from the internet
10. Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted
11. Talk about an equipment that was broken and you got repaired (or which had a problem)
12. Describe about a faraway place that you would like to visit
13. Talk about a recent activity that made you happy (something that happened recently that made you happy)
14. Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than English)
15. An important decision you made with help of someone
16. Talk about a time when you received money as a gift
17. Talk about a thing you complained about something (but finally got a good result)
18. Talk about a place where you like to study (indoors/outdoors)
19. Talk about your favorite place for shopping
20. Describe a teenager you know
21. Interesting part of your country or A place that is interesting in your country
22. Talk about an interesting talk or a lecture
23. Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend
24. Talk about a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young
25. Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet
26. Describe an important tree (plant) in your country
27. Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you are alone
28. Describe a person you know who is working on protecting the environment
29. Talk about a TV Program that made you laugh a lot
30. Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important
31. A comic actor who is popular in your country
32. A talkative person
33. Talk about a math skill that you learned in your primary / elementary school
34. An animal you like the most
35. A competition you would like to take part in
36. Talk about something you would like to get replaced
37. Design of a building you visited and liked / Talk about a building
38. First Mobile Phone
39. Describe a party / describe a party you attended or joined
40. Describe an old friend in your childhood
41. Favourite song
42. A street market in your city / A street market where you did shopping
43. Something that helps you concentrate
44. A visit you made using public transport
45. Describe an outdoor sport that you haven’t done yet and would like to do in the future
46. My favorite magazine/Talk about a magazine you read
47. Something happened that made you happy/ happy time you experienced recently
48. Describe a time when you had to change your plan / you changed your mind
49. Describe something important that you lost in the past
50. Piece of clothing that you like to wear on special occasion (Answer in Present Tense) / or piece of cloth you wore on a special occasion (Answer in Past tense)
51. Describe a place where you often visit with friends and family
52. Describe about some story which you like a lot or someone told you about
53. Describe a memorable story told by someone
54. What would be your perfect holiday or vacation look like?
55. Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of you
56. Describe something you did to help others / Occasion on which you have helped someone
57. Talk about an important river or lake in your country or hometown
58. An exciting book you read
59. Describe a country in which you would like to work for a short time
60. A website which helped you to do something / website you visit often
61. Talk about a situation where you had to be polite
62. Interesting job you would like to do
63. Describe a famous person that you are interested in
64. Describe a quiet place
65. Describe an occasion when you were scared
66. Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome
67. An intelligent person that you know
68. Describe a time when you were cheated
69. Talk about an interesting old person you met
70. Talk about a time when you travelled with an old person
71. Describe one of your grandparent’s job
72. Food that people eat on special events
73. Describe a special date in your country’s history
74. Good news that you heard/ read on Internet
75. A subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting
76. Describe a time when you showed or taught a young person how to do a thing
77. A person you would like to study or work with
78. Something you bought but did not use much
79. Talk about a public facility that improves local life quality
80. A book you want to write
81. Talk about a friend or person who recently got success
82. Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up
83. Describe a situation when you did not have enough time
84. Historical period you want to know more about
85. Describe a time when you found something that someone lost
86. Describe your idea of a perfect home
87. Describe a place such as a park or a sports ground which has developed in your city for the betterment of people
88. Things you usually do well for your job or study
89. Describe an advertisement that you remember
90. Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were travelling in broke down
91. Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future
92. Talk about a singer or musical band you enjoy listening to
93. Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early
94. Talk about a prize you want to win
95. Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone
96. Talk about a problem solved through the Internet
97. A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions
98. Describe a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or a garden
99. Describe a practical skill you learned
100. Describe a person who speaks foreign language well
101. Talk about a historical building
102. Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time
103. Talk about a place where you spend time with your friends
104. Describe a time you visited a place with friends
105. Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals
106 Describe an unusual vacation you had
107. Describe your favourite clothes
108. Talk abut a game show or quiz programme on television
109. Describe a time when you invited someone to have a dinner at home or a restaurant
110. Describe a time that children made you laugh
111. Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking over the phone
112. Describe something that you brought from a tourist place
113. Describe an occasion when you received an incorrect information
114. Describe a healthy lifestyle you know
115. Describe a time when you enjoyed free time
116. Describe a time you received a horrible service
117. Describe an experience when you received a call from a stranger at a public place
118. Talk about an interesting conversation
119. Describe a film you would like to share with your friends
120. Describe a place where you read and write apart from your home
121.Talk about a new public building or place which you would like to visit
122. Describe a school you went to in your childhood
123. Describe a product or application which is based on Artificial Intelligence
124. A software that you often use
125. A female leader you would like to meet
126. Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood
127. Describe a long car journey you went on
128. Describe a person who likes to travel by plane
129. Describe a person whose job is important to society
130. When was the first time you admired the sky
131. A park you visited and liked
132. A leisure activity that you do with your family
133. Describe a place full of colour
134. Describe an important technological product you bought
135. Describe a time when you spend a lot of money on something
136. Describe a city you once visited with your family
137. Describe a new skill you want to learn
138. Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored
139. Describe a product made in the region you come from or from your hometown
140. Talk about a celebration organized after an achievement
141. Talk about a time when you visited a friend
142. Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work
143. Describe a time when you first met someone
144. Describe an experience when you taught an older person something new
145. Describe a special day that made you happy
146. Describe a free day when you did not need to study or work
147. Describe a good experience of online shopping
148. Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to choose
149. Describe a picture or photograph in your home
150. Describe one of your family members you spend the most time with
151. Describe an important journey that was delayed
152. Describe an experience you had as a member of a team
153. Describe a goal that you achieved which was set by yourself
154. Describe a person who has apologized to you
155. Describe an interesting animal
156. Describe an article that you read from a magazine or newspaper
157. Describe a person in the news that you want to meet
158. Describe one time when the weather changed your plan
159. Describe an important piece of news that you received via text message
160. Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first
161. Describe a successful small business you know
162. Describe the happiest day you had
163. A person who taught you something important
164. Describe a crowded place you have visited
165. Describe a situation or time when you helped someone
166. Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone
167. Describe a time when you travelled by public transportation
168. Describe a time when you were excited
169. Describe a difficult challenge that you completed or met
170. Job you would not like to do in the future
171. Describe a change that can improve your local area
172. Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child
173. A performance you recently watched
174. Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back
175. Describe an old person you know and respect
176. Describe a volunteering experience you have made
177. Describe a dinner you really enjoyed
178. Describe a person in your family that you admire
179. Describe a time when a family member asked for your help
180. Describe a place where you are able to relax