IELTS MASTER | Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored

Describe an experience when you were with people and you got bored

1. I am a gregarious person and like to meet new people.
2. I believe interacting with different individuals helps me to grow as a person and gives me a new perspective on several aspects of life.
3. The best occasions to accomplish this are the social events such as family functions.
4. I always look forward to invitations to these functions and it is very rare that I let go of these opportunities.
5. Last week also I got an invite to the birthday party of my nephew.
6. I am always eager to attend such parties but unfortunately this event did not turn out to be a joyful experience for me.
7. The scheduled time for the party was 6 pm so it reached there by 6.15 pm and to my surprise I was the first person to reach there, not even the hosts had yet arrived there.
8. I called up my cousin and he said that they are on their way.
9. Since I was alone till their arrival I was already bored and feeling a bit low.
10. Finally the host and other guests started to arrive.

11. I was hoping to see some familiar faces with whom I could interact and have some interesting conversation.
12. The party started at 7 pm and celebrations included cake cutting and some performances from my nephew and his friends.
13. Though I enjoyed their acts I was still feeling bored because most of the guests that had gathered at the party were unknown to me and I could not find a single person with whom I could talk.
14. Actually majority of the guests comprised of my cousin’s office friend and the parents of my nephew’s friends.
15. He did invite few of our relatives and that was the primary reason I was looking forward to this event because I had not met some of them for quite a long time and it would have been the perfect opportunity to catch up.
16. But our relatives could not attend the event because of some prior commitments they had.
17. When my cousin informed me that our other relatives were not coming I immediately knew that the evening is going to be drag for me.

18. Though he tried his best to keep me entertained and occupied but he had other guests to attend to so I told him that he should focus on other guests and I would be fine.
19. With nothing much to do and nobody to talk to I picked up my phone and started shooting videos of my nephew doing his kid stuff.
20. And that was the only good thing that happened to me on that evening.
21. Later I showed the videos to my cousin and he too enjoyed and thanked me because he missed all those small moments since he was busy entertaining the guests.