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A software that you often use

1. Recently I read on internet about rejection therapy which said that if you deliberately seek rejection then you can overcome your fear of rejection as you eventually get used to it.
2. So I decided to give it a try and started asking people for requests which I was sure that they would refuse to entertain.
3. Also to learn from my experience and to share it with the world, specifically people who are afraid of rejections I decided to record these encounters and put these on youtube through a channel which I created solely for this purpose.
4. Needless to say my first encounter was not pleasant one and when I watched the video after returning home I knew I could not post it in its raw from because it might offend some people and instead of learning from my experience they could completely turn away from it.
5. So I talked to one my friends who had been running a successful youtube of his own for last 2 years.
6. I asked him to help me in improving and refining my videos.
7. He immediately suggested that the first thing I need is a video editing software.
8. I told me about Wondershare Filmora video editing software.

9. He also told me that the software is quite expensive costing USD 100 but it is the best video editing software and if I am serious about my endeavour then it would be worth every penny as this software would help me to create the best content and share it with others in the appropriate manner in which I want to.
10. So on his advice I bought the software and I glad that I did.
11. Now I use this software daily to edit my videos and I am simply amazed by the features it possesses and how it can covert a raw video into a meaningful lesson for others.
12. To be honest it has more features than I could imagine or I would ever use but I have learnt to use the features which are most important in making a useful video.
13. The software has 200 page long manual and whenever I need some help or I am stuck at something I always refer to this manual which is written in such a simple and user friendly way that even a layman can understand and start using this software.
14. I regularly take feedback from my channel subscribers about how can I improve my vlogs and use Filmora to implement that feedback.

15. For example one of the viewers commented that I would be better I could blur the background in my videos and focus solely on myself and the person to whom I am making the rejection request.
16. So that evening I explored the manual to learn how to blur video background and to my surprise it was a matter of few clicks.
17. I just needed to select the video from my local hard drive, open it in Filmora and select blur background in the edit tab of the software.
18. I glad that my friend suggested me to buy this software, which I still admit is a bit costly but the value and ease it provides completely justifies its price.