IELTS MASTER | Talk about a problem solved through Internet

Talk about a problem solved through Internet

1. Gone are the days when information was confined to libraries and experts only.
2. Today the whole world is connected and has become an open source all thanks to invention of Internet.
3. Now the knowledge pertinent to any field is just a click away.
4. And people are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences on the internet.
5. I too have availed this amazing platform on several occasions to quench my thirst for knowledge.
6. I am taking IELTS because I intend to go to Canada for higher studies.
7. I want to pursue my higher studies in the field which is relevant to my study so far and which has brilliant career options after completion.

8. For that I need to choose the right institution and the right course which was a bit problematic for me because I am sitting so far away and there are so many colleges to choose from.
9. I knew the gravity of the problem because a wrong choice of college and course would put my whole professional life in jeopardy.
10. In pre-Internet era to make the right choice would have been an arduous task but today I can easily get access to all the information I need from the comfort of my room.
11. Firstly I searched for colleges that offer graduation courses in the field of computer science because that is my field of interest.
12. There is no dearth of colleges in Canada that offer this course, so the next step was to choose the best option for me.
13. The next criteria in the selection process was to check the faculty and facilities provided by these colleges.
14. So I perused the websites of these colleges and read about the qualification and experience of computer science faculty members of these colleges.
15. Apart from faculty, I was particularly searching these websites for information on alumni of these colleges because a strong alumni network means more connections in the industry and better chances to get job.

16. I read about established alumni members of each college and where they are placed right now because that gave me inkling about what kind of companies I can approach after completing my course.
17. Using these criteria I have shortlisted 10-12 colleges where I would like to pursue my higher studies.
18. Internet has not only assisted me in choosing these colleges but has also apprised me about the process of application.
19. I can directly approach these colleges and know about the requirements of admission.
20. This is particularly helpful because it can save me from the network of unscrupulous agents who cheat students in the name of assistance they vouchsafe for admission in these institutions.