IELTS MASTER | Describe a time you received horrible service

Describe a time you received horrible service

1. I have been blessed with some wonderful friends and some of the most cherished memories of my childhood are from the time I spent with my friends.
2. I often go out with my friends to places like amusement parks, movie theaters, shopping malls or restaurants.
3. Last weekend as well I went to Alpha shopping mall with my friends which is also one of our favorite places to hang out.
4. There is one particular reason why we like this mall and that is its food court.
5. We simply love the place for the options it has which we don’t normally find at local food joints.
6. We can choose from all the popular cuisines including Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Mughlai, Italian and many more.
7. Every time we go to this mall we have a splendid time but our last visit was a rather a forgettable one and it was because of a horrendous experience we had in a Thai restaurant which had opened on that day only.

8. At the front door of the restaurant there was a board which said that the restaurant is offering 50% discount on all meals on its inaugural day.
9. So we decided to give it a try for two reasons, one was obviously the inaugural offer and the second reason was that none of us had tried Thai cuisine before.
10. So we thought it will be new and hopefully a good experience for all of us, but as things transpired lately it turned out to be one of the worst experiences of our lives.
11. We got in and settled on a table.
12. Since none of us had any clue about Thai cuisine so we asked a waiter to recommend us something good.
13. He said that we should order fish roll which was their specialty.
14. I specifically asked him that whether one dish would be sufficient enough for all of us since we all were famished.
15. The waiter assured us that one dish would easily cater to four of us and it would take just 10 minutes to prepare it.
16. We waited for 10 minutes nothing came, another 10 minutes passed and still no sign of our order.
17. So I got up went to the waiter who took our order, he apologized and said he would go and immediately come back with our food.

18. Another 15 minutes passed and he was nowhere to be seen, by now we all grew impatient and was about to leave in a sullen mood when the waiter came to our table with our order.
19. We were already in a very bad mood and things got worse when we had a look at the food tray.
20. The dish comprised only 5 small fish rolls each roll was at most 2 inches long.
21. Any one of us could have finished all rolls alone so there was no way it was sufficient for all of us.
22. When I asked the waiter about the quantity of the food, he plainly denied that I ever inquired about it.
23. One of my friends who has a short temper starting shouting but we asked him to cool down and just finish the meal and leave from there.
24. But the nightmare was not over yet.
25. We finished those paltry fish rolls and asked for the check.
26. When we received the check I observed that there was no discount offered and we were charged the full price of the meal.
27. I asked the waiter about the inaugural discount and he told me that in order to avail that discount we had to order for a minimum amount of 1000 rupees which apparently was mentioned in the fine prints of the advertisement which allured us to enter that restaurant in the first place.
28. That was the last straw and before our short tempered friend did anything which we might have regretted later I immediately paid the bill and asked my friends to leave and swore never to come back to that restaurant again.