IELTS MASTER | Food that people eat on special events

Food that people eat on special events

1. India is known for its diversity.
2. This diversity does not only entail regions and languages, it also extends to different cuisines that one can relish while visiting various regions of India.
3. Every region of India has its own special dish which people of that region enjoy on auspicious occasions.
4. Since I belong to the northern part of the country so I will talk about a dish which is ubiquitous in all the functions of people of north India.
5. This dish is called butter chicken.
6. Majority of north Indians are non-vegetarian hence chicken is widely used on the special occasions.
7. Although there is plethora of dishes which are prepared using chicken, butter chicken has become a symbol of joyfulness.

8. As the name suggests the main ingredient is chicken, but what make this dish special are the spices which embellish this dish.
9. The preparation of the dish is an open secret and is often served in all north Indian restaurants.
10. The main advantage of this dish is that it can be eaten with both chapatti and rice.
11. It is the hottest selling item in restaurants and the most sought after dish in marriages and other functions.
12. As soon as the food section opens in marriages and parties this is the first dish guests look for.
13. Not only major functions like marriages are incomplete without it, even small gatherings like birthday parties feel banal if this dish is not included in the menu.
14. The main spices which make this dish delicious are cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and obviously butter.
15. I particularly remember last year we had to choose a food caterer for the marriage of my cousin sister.
16. We had shortlisted three caterers, all three are renowned for their excellent services and exquisite menu.
17. But when we finalized a caterer the deciding factor was that that particular caterer was known for his butter chicken.
18. Such is the popularity and influence of this dish in our functions.

19. Apart from this there are many other food items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, which are staple in special occasions.
20. But butter chicken is the most common and most popular food item in the functions of north Indians.

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