IELTS MASTER | Things you usually do well for your job or study

Things you usually do well for your job or study

1. I am a very well organized person and truly believe in executing a task in a very diligent and painstaking manner.
2. Because I believe it is better not to do a task rather than making a desultory attempt.
3. For me planning is the most important part of any task and it is rightly said that well begun is half the job done.
4. So it is paramount that we understand and plan the things in advance before embarking on any endeavor.
5. For me before taking up any task I always do a SWOT analysis.
6. SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.
7. The four terms are self-explanatory.

8. Every time I am to start a new job I first analysis my strengths and comprehend the fact that this is the reason I should do it and this is the reason I would excel in it.
9. The next aspect is weakness.
10. By weakness I mean the aspects where I either lack expertise or knowledge hence these are the areas where I need to earmark extra time and effort to make up for my shortcomings.
11. Next aspect is opportunity.
12. Opportunity clearly suggests the areas where I can capitalize on my expertize and gain the maximum out of it.
13. The last aspect of this analysis is threats.
14. Here threats do not mean physical threats but the factors that could impede my progress and could prove to be bottlenecks in achieving my ultimate goals.
15. It is true that no matter how much planning we do before beginning a task some untoward happening would happened and detriment our work.
16. But if we do give enough time to plan out things and create different scenarios in which we simulate the circumstances that how things could go wrong then a lot of time, effort and money can be saved.

17. And this is the primary reason that before taking up any task I always do SWOT analysis and simulate several scenarios to predict the outcome of my actions and my plans of how to counteract the negative outcomes of my actions.
18. I sincerely suggest to everybody that he or she should earmark some time for planning before initiating a task because I have seen that people do not give due respect to this part of the job and end up squandering a lot of time and resources.


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