IELTS MASTER | Describe a time when you invited someone to have a dinner at home or a restaurant

Describe a time when you invited someone to have a dinner at home or a restaurant

1. I reside in a very serene society.
2. In my society all the inhabitants are cordial.
3. Everybody knows everybody and often we celebrate occasions together.
4. Seldom there is any dispute and if there is one then it is resolved amicably.
5. Recently a family came to live in our building and they took the apartment just above ours.
6. Their younger son, Arun is nearly of my age.
7. And he is a huge fan of rock music which I could tell from the sound that came from above every evening.
8. Initially the sound levels were unobtrusive but after a few days the volume grew louder and since he played it till late in the night, it interfered with my sleep.

9. I thought it might be one off case but when it continued for some days I decided to talk to his parents.
10. They suggested that I talk to him in person because I might be in a better position to explain my trouble.
11. Initially I had some apprehensions because for some reason I had construed this image of Arun being a stubborn boy.
12. But when I talked to him, he came across as a very jovial person and after a brief talk we realized that we had several common interests like football, sci-fi movies and many more.
13. That day it was getting late so I invited Arun and his family for a dinner at my home so that they could meet my parents as well.
14. Next day they came to our place at around 7 pm and brought some delicacies along with them which was very nice of them.
15. We sat in the living room and got acquainted with each other.
16. Our parents got along very well especially our fathers, both of whom have a keen interest in stock market.
17. After a while my mother got up to serve the dinner and Arun’s mother accompanied her to the kitchen to give her a hand.
18. After the dinner our parents continued their discussions in the living and I took Arun to my room to show him my collection of sci-fi movies.
19. Apparently Arun has his own collection of these movies as well and most of movies are same that I have.
20. Then we talked about football.

21. Both of us agreed that English Premier League is the best the football league in the world.
22. While my favorite team in the league is Manchester United, Arun is an ardent supporter of Chelsea Football Club.
23. Time just flew by and before we realized it was 11 on the clock, that is when Arun’s father called him as they had decided to call it the night.
24. While leaving Arun’s father appreciated us for being such a wonderful host and asked for an opportunity to reciprocate our hospitality.
25. He invited us for a dinner at their place on next Sunday which we immediately accepted.
26. So we went to their house on next Sunday and that evening was equally memorable for all of us.