IELTS MASTER | Describe a time that children made you laugh

Describe a time that children made you laugh

1. I am a gregarious person and like to meet new people.
2. I believe interacting with different individuals helps me to grow as a person and gives me a new perspective on several aspects of life.
3. The best occasions to accomplish this are the social events such as family functions.
4. I always look forward to invitations to these functions and it is very rare that I let go of these opportunities.
5. Last week also I got an invite to the birthday party of my nephew.
6. He is an adorable child and I have always enjoyed his company.
7. My cousin had selected ‘Hotel Paradise’ for the event.

8. I arrived at the party with my family at around 8 pm.
9. The guests had already started coming.
10. I knew almost everybody present there so it was not tough to strike a conversation.
11. I was having a chat with an old acquaintance when my cousin announced that celebration is about to begin.
12. He had planned everything.
13. The party began with a short performance from my nephew and his friends who danced on a popular rhyme.
14. The performance was simply cute and kind of funny as their childish dance moves really amused me and at very move I was laughing and admiring their free spirit.
15. It was reminiscent of my childhood days.
16. The dance performance was followed by another interesting activity in which my nephew and his friends enacted a scene from a very popular movie of our time.
17. In the original movie scene the villain kidnaps the heroine and the hero rescues her with the help of his friend.
18. Needless to say that my nephew played the role of hero.
19. Everybody knew that reprise was going to be fun but I did not know that the performance would make me laugh like a maniac.

20. Every time a child repeated a dialogue from the movie with his own additions I laughed like I had never before.
21. The distortions of the dialogue was just too much funny and innocent at the same time.
22. On top of that the expressions on the faces of children were making the scene all the more humorous.
23. By the time the act had ended my stomach was aching because I had been laughing so hard incessantly nearly for half an hour.
24. After the act my cousin invited everybody to the centre stage for cake cutting ceremony.
25. My nephew blew off the candle on the cake and the arena erupted with applause with everybody wishing him happy birthday.
26. After that the guests offered the gifts they had brought for him.
27. I had bought a talking puppy for him since I was aware of his love for dogs.
28. Shortly after guests started to leave and thanked my cousin for such a splendid evening.