IELTS MASTER | Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

1. Modern world is rife with distractions.
2. Especially the proliferation of digital technology has contributed the most to this situation.
3. The attention span of people today is getting shorter and shorter and so is the patience level.
4. Gadgets like mobile phones are one of the primary reasons that we are not able to concentrate for longer period of time.
5. Every few seconds there is a notification from one of the myriad apps that we have installed on our phones.
6. These things are not only hurting us mentally, our physical health has also deteriorated as our lifestyle has become predominantly sedentary.

7. I had also become a victim of this digital phenomenon but I found a way to better my lifestyle and brought some changes in my daily routine.
8. I resorted to meditation to embolden my mental as well as physical strength.
9. I had always heard about the benefits of meditation and had been thinking of experiencing it first hand for long period of time.
10. But because of my busy schedule and to some extent my reluctance I did not take it up.
11. It was in my last summer vacations when I first tried meditation.
12. To be honest initially it was hard to persist because I began with wrong expectation of immediate results.
13. My father saw me getting frustrated and on the brink of quitting.
14. So one day he sat with me and explained to me that meditation is like a saving account with compound interest.
15. Initial returns might be low but the longer I invest in it the higher returns would be.
16. I heeded his advice and stuck to my daily routine of 30 minutes of meditation.

17. I am glad I did it.
18. I can proudly say that I am a better person now.
19. I don’t get perturbed easily while performing the tasks that demand higher degree of diligence.
20. And because of my improved concentration I am able to discern nuances which I would have otherwise ignored easily which lets me to perform with an increased level of efficiency.

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