IELTS MASTER | Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

Describe one time when the weather changed your plan

1. I have always dreamt of visiting a beach.
2. The best beach destination in India is Goa.
3. I have heard a lot about Goa especially about its new year celebrations.
4. People from all over the world come to Goa in December to celebrate new year.
5. During that season it is a coveted place among tourists.
6. Last year in December I had vacations of nearly 15 days.
7. So I shared my wish with my friends to visit Goa at least once in my lifetime and proposed that we should plan a trip to Goa.

8. Two days later one of my friends formed a Whatsapp group by the title ‘Goa Calling’ and included me and three more friends in that group.
9. Initially I ignored it as a prank but when I met them later in the evening they seemed serious about the visit.
10. So we decided to talk to our parents about our trip.
11. Luckily our parents agreed though it took some convincing.
12. So everything was agreed upon and planned out.
13. We were supposed to book our flight tickets next day.
14. But as fate would have it, my dream of going to Goa that year did not come to fruition as a news came which forced me to change my plan.

15. I was sitting with my parents and watching when the news broke that strong winds had stated blowing the along the beaches on the western part of India which included Goa’s beaches as well.
16. The weather man announced that there is a strong possibility of a hurricane which could hit the beaches in next few days.
17. So an advisory was issued to people to stay away from the beaches.
18. Even the fishermen were prohibited from entering the sea for fishing till the weather forecast was clear.
19. I shared the news with my friends on our Whatsapp group and sadly we had to drop our plan of visiting Goa.