IELTS MASTER | Describe a change that can improve your local area

Describe a change that can improve your local area

1. Urbanization has hit Indian cities at a frenzied pace.
2. The cities are sprawling at unfettered rate and people from rural areas are flocking towards cities for better living.
3. This has led to an area crisis where per capita free space in cities is diminishing day by day.
4. The residential areas are proliferating and free spaces are dwindling at an alarming rate.
5. To make things worse the city life has become hectic and stressful so people need ways to vent out their frustration.
6. One of such ways is an open green space something like a community park in a society.
7. A huge green park in the middle of a society would be a blessing in myriad ways.
8. The biggest contribution such park can make in improving our life quality is by improving the quality of air that we breathe.

9. Our city, like other major cities is highly polluted.
10. In winters the pollution reaches hazardous levels and severely affects the health of the people of our city.
11. Everybody knows that the best way to purify air is by planting more trees, so the greenery of this park would ensure that the air at least in our society is pure and fresh, and one can feel that freshness early in the morning in this park.
12. There are several other ways in which this park can help the people of our society to better their lives.
13. Youngsters and adults could frequently come to this park for physical activities.
14. Children can play their usual games such as football, cricket, badminton and adults can take their morning and evening walks in this park.
15. Such activities would enable these people to keep fit and healthy.

16. But the demography that would benefit the most from this park would be of elderly people who are retired or do not have regular activities to keep themselves busy.
17. The aged people of our society can form a laughter club and every morning they can do the club activities in the park.
18. This is called laughter therapy and has been proved highly beneficial for health scientifically.
19. Even in the evening these senior citizens can sit together in the park and share their life experiences and reminisce over joyous moments of their lives.
20. Overall if such a park is built it would prove to be a great public utility for all the residents of our society.