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Interesting job you would like to do

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1. Our parents invest so much time and money on us so that we could have a decent life.
2. A decent life means a stable job and a good family.
3. Earlier the idea of a stable job was confined to popular choices of becoming a doctor or an engineer because there were not many choices at our disposal.
4. But now one can opt for unconventional jobs which vouchsafe him the opportunity to make a living as well as follow his passion.
5. Our society is full of such examples where we have successful people from the fields which were considered untouchable not so long ago.
6. Chefs, radio jockeys, standup comedians, digital stars, all are making a mark in the society and earning more than decent amount of money at the same time.
7. I too have a job in mind which I would like to do for the rest of my life.

8. I love traveling and exploring new places.
9. Also I have a predilection for numbers.
10. I am fascinated by the things and trends that numbers can endow upon us which are invisible to naked eyes.
11. There is one job that would allow me to travel and play with numbers at the same time and that is the job of statistician of our national cricket team.
12. Our cricket team often travels to places like Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa and many more countries.
13. As a member of their support staff I would also get a chance to travel with them and I would be paid for these trips.
14. There is nothing better than getting paid for the thing you love to do.
15. I have seen pictures of our cricket players traveling abroad and it is evident that these trips are not about work only.
16. They get enough time to explore the country they are visiting and I am absolutely enchanted by this prospect.
17. Unlike other sports, support staff in cricket gets well deserved credit and visibility for their contribution in team’s success.

18. I am sure that if I get a chance I can also make meaningful contribution since I can break down numbers to discern areas of strength and weakness for individual players.
19. If I can get this job somehow it would be a dream come true and I will be living in a fantasy world for sure.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions