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Describe a teenager you know

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1. The teenager I know inside out is my younger brother Arun.
2. He is 4 years younger to me.
3. We are very close to each other and share everything with each other.
4. He is just like a friend to me.
5. I vividly remember the day he was born.
6. The whole family was over the moon and there was a huge celebration at our place.
7. Honestly I was a bit envious at that moment because he was getting all the attention and that remained the case for some years to come.

8. But I guess that is how all the children feel when focus is shifted from them.
9. Well that was a temporary phase which eventually passed.
10. I am actually blessed to have brother like Arun.
11. He is very supportive and understanding.
12. Although I am the elder brother but there are times when he exhibits more maturity than me.
13. He is an ideal brother and son.
14. He has never given a chance to our parents to complain.
15. He is a complete all-rounder and excels in everything he partakes in.
16. He is the monitor of his class as well as the captain of his school football team.
17. He has won several accolades and has made our family proud.
18. He is an avid football fan and is crazy for Manchester United football club.
19. He actually dreams of playing for this club one day.
20. Lately football has gained a significant popularity in our nation and club football has become a viable career option.

21. Keeping his dream in mind, my father made him join a professional football academy.
22. The head coach was instantly impressed by his football skills and the acumen he possesses for the game.
23. He is confident that given the right guidance Arun can become a professional footballer.
24. I would be happiest person on this earth if he manages to achieve his goal and would proudly say that I am brother of Arun.

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Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions