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Describe a party you attended

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1. I am a gregarious person and like to meet new people.
2. I believe interacting with different individuals helps me to grow as a person and gives me a new perspective on several aspects of life.
3. The best occasions to accomplish this are the social events such as family functions.
4. I always look forward to invitations to these functions and it is very rare that I let go of these opportunities.
5. Last week also I got an invite to the birthday party of my nephew.
6. He is an adorable child and I have always enjoyed his company.
7. I am always eager to attend such parties but my excitement swelled when I heard about the venue of the celebration.

8. My cousin had selected ‘Hotel Paradise’ for the event.
9. The place was inaugurated recently and had gained huge popularity owing to its variety of cuisines, excellent ambiance and exceptional service quality.
10. I was planning to visit this place and luckily the opportunity presented itself.
11. I arrived at the party with my family at around 8 pm.
12. The guests had already started coming.
13. It was a small gathering of around 50 people including close friends and family members.
14. I knew almost everybody present there so it was not tough to strike a conversation.
15. I was having a chat with an old acquaintance when my cousin announced that celebration is about to begin.
16. He had planned everything.
17. The party began with a short performance from my nephew and his friends who danced on a popular rhyme.
18. The performance was simply cute and I wondered at the innocence of those kids, such carefree spirits.
19. It was reminiscent of my childhood days.
20. The dance performance was followed by another interesting activity in which my cousin displayed that how his son had evolved over the years with the help of a collage of images that he had captured since my nephew’s birth.
21. Everybody appreciated the effort he had put in to make this collage, it was highly impressive.
22. Once the collage had finished he invited everybody to the centre stage for cake cutting ceremony.
23. My nephew blew off the candle on the cake and the arena erupted with applause with everybody wishing him happy birthday.

24. After that the guests offered the gifts they had brought for him.
25. I had bought a talking puppy for him since I was aware of his love for dogs.
26. Shortly after guests started to leave and thanked my cousin for such a splendid evening.
27. I too thoroughly enjoyed the party and wish that every now and then I get such opportunities to break away from my hectic life.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions