IELTS MASTER | How to find correct answers in IELTS reading from the right location?

How to find correct answers in IELTS reading from the right location?

Many students face this problem that they can find the location but not the exact answer. In order to overcome this problem you need two things while attempting reading first is Vocabulary which obviously everybody knows but the second thing which many students do not know or ignore is common sense. I have always maintained that even if your English is not that good but you keep your mind open while reading you can easily score 6–6.5 bands in reading.

Now what do I mean by common sense. While attempting any question you need to understand the underlying idea of the question that is while it is asking about noun for example some person or place, or verb like some kind of activities. These small small things make it very easy to attempt reading. This method is particularly effective for blanks and diagrams.

For MCQs which students find incredibly difficult, the easier method is not to look for the answer but to look for the options which are not there. Since you can find the location of the question. The next step should be at out of four options A, B, C and D find out which ones are not mentioned at the location. Then after elimination you are generally left with two likely answers. To find the exact answer find the synonyms for both the options and which every has more synonyms in the passage is the answer.