IELTS MASTER | Describe an unusual vacation you had

Describe an unusual vacation you had

1. Every year I go to some holiday destination with my family in summer vacations.
2. This is the time of the year I really look forward to because for few days I can completely forget my worries and enjoy to the fullest.
3. These vacations are refreshing for all of us and help to bring the family closer.
4. In the summer vacations of the last 5 years we have explored all the major hill stations in our part of the country.
5. I have a predilection for hilly areas as being a resident of a metro city I seldom get to see such beautiful sites full of greenery and fresh air.
6. Although there are couple of more hill stations which are on my bucket list, this year I went to a place which turned out to be the most unusual and most exciting trip of my life.

7. Two months back my cousin’s family went to Andaman Islands.
8. I checked his photos on facebook and in those photos the place looked attractive.
9. But when he came back and detailed me about the place, it really got my curiosity awakened.
10. So I talked to my parents about visiting the Islands and booked the train tickets to Kochi.
11. The journey by train takes nearly two days to finish which terminates at Kochi from where the last mile to the Islands is covered by a ship.
12. The moment I got off the ship I realized that Andaman is like no other place I had seen in India.
13. It is an epitome of nature’s creativity, with hills on one side and vast expanse of sea beach on the other.
14. There is so much greenery and open spaces that I could not believe such a place could exist in this modern urbanized world.
15. The frenzy of urbanization has not yet touched this part of our nation and there are still tribes present there which are living in their orthodox way.
16. I met a few guys from these tribes and was really fascinated with their way of living.
17. I also learnt about a few of their traditions which we would find absurd but are an integral part of their existence.

18. Their diet is also absolutely different from what we normally have in our daily lives.
19. Their diet primarily consists of sea creatures and my cousin had shown me pictures of their meals which had sea creatures which I could not even imagine to ingest.
20. I was really enthralled by this visit as I got to see a completely different facet of mankind and nature.
21. I was absolutely enchanted by the beauty of the Islands and loved to experience it firsthand.
22. On top of that I had never seen a beach before so this visit also helped me to cross another item off my bucket list.