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An exciting book you read

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions

1. Today’s modern life has become very hectic.
2. But there are sporadic moments when we all get some time for ourselves and I think we should take out some time for ourselves.
3. These are the times when one can do some introspection or do something he or she really loves to do.
4. Everybody has his or her way to spend these pleasurable moments.
5. I like to resort to reading whenever I get free time because reading not only relaxes me it also empowers me to grow intellectually.
6. Reading on different topics allows me to build an all-round perspective.
7. Although I like to read on all important topics for a holistic improvement, I particularly enjoy reading philosophy.

8. I know the general perception about philosophy is that it is a heavy and insipid subject but I find it really interesting and some of the books I have read are really exciting.
9. Recently I finished a book titled ‘The Daily Stoic’.
10. It is a collection of teachings of several prominent ancient Greek philosopher such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.
11. This book is considered the bible of philosophers.
12. I find this book exciting because it provides a completely different view on life.
13. It has taught me a way to simplify life which we have otherwise made so complicated with our desires.
14. There is no human being on this planet whose entire life is a bed of roses.
15. Everybody has to go through hardships at some stage of his or her life and these are the times when one’s character is tested.
16. What I have learnt from this book is that during tough times the most important thing is to maintain one’s integrity.
17. The teachings in this book are not meant for a weak-willed person.

18. While these teachings are pleasing to read but to inculcate these in your daily life is highly challenging and this challenge is what I find the most exciting.
19. I know if I am able to implement only few of the instructions given in this book, I would come out as a better and an enlightened human being.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions