IELTS MASTER | How to speak for 2 minutes in IELTS speaking cue card?

How to speak for 2 minutes in IELTS speaking cue card?

How do I prepare points for cue card so I can speak for one and a half or two minutes in the IELTS speaking part 2?

Answer –

Before we start making points for cue card we need to take care of few points:

1 Firstly decide the tense of the cue card, that is whether the cue card is of past, present or future. Accordingly use the forms of the verb in the cue card.

2 Which is the broader category of the cue card – category could be among person, thing, activity, place etc.

3 Build a good vocabulary of at least 10–15 words for each category and use this vocabulary as per the category for good band score.

Now coming to formation of points. For any cue card and I mean for any category the basic formation remains the same which includes the following six basic questions which should be answered in your speech:

1 What – what is the topic of the cue card?

2 Where – where this thing happened?

3 When – when this thing happened?

4 Why – why did you do it?

5 How – how did it happen?

6 Whom – with whom did you do it?

Aforementioned are the basic questions which should be covered in any cue card and if you are able to address all of these questions then you should be able to speak at least for 1.5 minutes if not for 2 minutes. To make sure that you speak for 2 minutes you need to practice the extension of points that is how to make ancillary points around the core point. Making extra, some times non-relevant points, can really help you to cover the time duration and avoid mistakes like pauses and incoherence.