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Talk about a beautiful city

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1. Urbanization has hit all parts of India.
2. Because of lack of opportunities in rural areas, people are flocking towards cities.
3. No doubt this movement has empowered people to raise their standard of living and secure a stable livelihood, but simultaneously it has affected the environment of cities adversely.
4. More number of people living in a city means less open spaces which has hampered the aesthetics of cities.
5. Modern cities are not as beautiful as they used to be.
6. But there is one city which has managed to maintain its beauty among this frenzy of urbanization and that city is Meerpur.
7. It is one of the metro cities of India.

8. It was established in the year 1937 and was conceptualized by English architect Mr. Anderson.
9. It was the first city in India which was constructed in a planned manner with proper blueprints of the construction.
10. The whole expanse of the city is divided into 58 sectors.
11. Each sector was designed carefully keeping everything in mind including, the local population, amount of green spaces and future demand.
12. It is because of this well thought out planning, that the city has absorbed the migrants seamlessly without burdening the basic structure of the city.
13. The city has a lot of parks which have been kept outside of residential areas.
14. The roads are wide which allows the traffic to flow smoothly and seldom we see traffic jams on the roads.
15. There are plenty of trees on both sides of roads which give the city a fresh look.
16. On the west side of the city there is a huge temple of lord Shiva which simply adds to the attraction of the city.
17. Thousands of tourists every year visit this temple.

18. Unlike other metro cities, in Meerpur tourists are not hackled by unscrupulous elements of the society.
19. The greenery and lack of heavy traffic adds to their experience.
20. Two years ago Meerpur was awarded the best tourist destination in our state.

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