IELTS MASTER | Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future

Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future

1. Every year I go to some holiday destination with my family in summer vacations.
2. This is the time of the year I really look forward to because for few days I can completely forget my worries and enjoy to the fullest.
3. These vacations are refreshing for all of us and help to bring the family closer.
4. I have a predilection for hilly areas as being a resident of a metro city I seldom get to see such beautiful sites full of greenery and fresh air.
5. Although there are couple of more hill stations which are on my bucket list, for the next year’s vacations I have someplace else in my mind.
6. Two months back my cousin’s family went to Andaman Islands.
7. I checked his photos on facebook and in those photos the place looked good.

8. But there was one particular photo which proved to be the deciding factor for me to choose this place as my next holiday destination and that was the photo of him doing water skiing.
9. I have always wanted to do water sports because I have hear a lot about these sports and the thrill which these provide.
10. I asked my cousin all about this sport and he obliged me by telling everything in detail which has further fueled my interest to do this sport.
11. He told me that it is a surface water sport in which the skier is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over the sea.
12. Apparently he had done a lot of research on this sport before going there and apprised me of the nuances and technicalities entailed in this sport.
13. Water skiing normally begins with a deep water start.
14. Then the skier enters the water with their skis on.
15. After that the skier is given a tow rope which is attached to the boat and which he has to position between his skies to get the perfect balance.

16. The basic technique to perform this sport requires the skier to lean back and keep his legs slightly bent so that he can smoothly glide over the water.
17. My cousin said that he had never experienced anything like that before.
18. The thrill, the excitement was just inexplicable.
19. He said to me that I must experience this at least once in my life time and I intend to do that, hopefully very soon.