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Talk about a place where you like to study

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1. A student’s success is predicated on several important factors.
2. Obviously the most important are the guidance of the teacher and the efforts of the student.
3. Other factors include the study material and regular assessment of student’s progress.
4. But there is one more factor which is unfortunately not given much importance and that is the place where someone studies and I am talking about after school study time.
5. Ideally a student’s study place should be serene so that the student can concentrate for long span of time without much distractions.
6. Luckily I have found one such place and that is our city library.

7. This place was recommended to me by my father.
8. He already had membership of the library so I did not have to go through the trouble of securing membership for myself.
9. The library has a comprehensive collection of books on all the major topics including science, maths, economics and literature.
10. Some of the books are exclusive there such as books on local history.
11. I read these books in my spare time and find these very fascinating.
12. My father has bought the premium membership because of which I get extra privileges in the library.
13. These include access to the computer section of the library where I search for information which I could not get in the books of the library.
14. Also I can borrow two more books than someone who has purchased the regular membership.
15. I have been going to this library for the last couple of months daily and study there for nearly three hours everyday.
16. I have also made some friends of my age there and we have formed a sort of study group.
17. We share everything with each other which we think would help in our studies.

18. The library is close to my home hence commuting is not a big problem for me.
19. One of my friends from the study group lives in my society only so we do a bike pool daily.
20. We take our bikes on alternate days to the library.
21. Ever since I have joined this library I have formed a brilliant study routine and it reflects in recent performance in school tests.

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Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions