IELTS MASTER | Describe a successful small business you know

Describe a successful small business you know

1. After completing my graduation I had to choose my future career path.
2. I was presented with two options.
3. First was to join an accounting company and work for someone else, and second was to join my family business.
4. Since I had done my graduation in the field of commerce, I was well suited for the accounting job, but I also realized that I can utilize my knowledge to grow my family business which my father had established successfully with years of hard work.
5. Ours is a business of bags manufacturing.
6. We make bags primarily for educational institutes including schools, colleges, private coaching academies and universities.

7. My father started this business when he was 25 years old.
8. He began his journey as an intern under his uncle who also was in same business.
9. For the first three years he worked along side his uncle and learnt the intricacies of the bags business.
10. This was the time when he used to travel a lot to meet prospective clients and to take repeat orders from the existent customers.
11. This helped him to make important contacts in the industry at every part of the value chain.
12. Two years later he decided to take the plunge and start his own venture.
13. Fortunately he had the blessings, support and experience of his uncle by his side.
14. He set up a small manufacturing unit close to our ancestral home from where he catered to the local industry.

15. Since then we have established a state wide presence with more than 150 clients.
16. Now we are aiming to penetrate other states and are in talks with prospective local partners.
17. Owing to my commerce background I joined the accounts department of my company.
18. In two years I have managed to bring down the costs which has helped to improve our margins.
19. My father is conspicuously happy with my determination and I can see that feeling of pride on his face when senior managers talk of my contribution.
20. I am really glad that I opted to join my family business and I would leave no stone unturned to take this business to new heights.