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Describe a good law in your country

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1. Laws are made to maintain order in our society because without laws there would be chaos and we would be living in a disorganised society.
2. Laws set the guidelines for us and ensure that we live in a fair world.
3. Like other countries, in India as well politicians make the legislation.
4. All the laws are meant for the benefit of the citizens and therefore these laws are good for our society.
5. There is one particular law which I have a predilection for because it deals with the scourge of poverty which has befallen our nation for so long, this is the law of mandatory CSR activities for organisations with a threshold revenue.
6. Government of India has made it mandatory for companies to spend a certain ratio of their profit on CSR activities.
7. It is a brilliant way for the privileged section of the society to give it back and work for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society.

8. My brother works for a multi-national company and he is frequently involved in these activities on behalf of his company.
9. He is all gung-ho for these activities especially which are targeted to improve the literacy level among poorer section of the society.
10. We all know that if we can improve the literacy level among poor people it would really benefit them as it would open new avenues for them and pave the way for better future.
11. Apart from education, CSR activities which impart vocational training to these people are also highly beneficial.
12. These activities impart skills to people which empower them to settle in a career and get a secure livelihood.
13. So far CSR legislation is binding on corporations only, but I would urge ordinary citizens as well to make meaningful contributions towards our society.

14. If we all decide to make these contributions however small these might be, it would lead to a better future for all of us.
15. And also I would like to see that we all follow all the laws and rules religiously as these are meant for our benefit only.

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