IELTS MASTER | Talk about a situation where you had to be polite

Talk about a situation where you had to be polite

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1. I am an inquisitive person by nature.
2. I always have questions about everything and like to get to the bottom it.
3. I am not the one to take things on their face value and do not easily accept it if it do not make sense to me.
4. I often argue with my parents on several topics.
5. Sure I argue but I ensure that I do not cross the line by disrespecting my parents.
6. I particularly enjoy the discussion with one of my uncles who is a deeply religious person.
7. Whenever he comes to our place it is inevitable that a conversation would start between us around some religious topic and it would last for couple of hours.

8. These conversations are entertaining as well as enlightening.
9. Normally my uncle is not affronted by my questions about religion but there was one occasion when he was perturbed by my perception about religion and its role in the society.
10. I was arguing that religion has done more harm than good for the society because of all the negative propagandas that are promoted in the name of religion.
11. There is so much violence and cheating going around in the name of religion.
12. Unscrupulous elements of the society are hoodwinking the gullible people and exploiting their deep faith.
13. And when I suggested that may be world would have been a better place without religion he started casting aspersions on my core values and upbringing.
14. Had he questioned my thinking alone I would have countered it with my opinion that I have around religion.
15. But when he brought up the role of my parents it really disturbed me because I would never accept such a thing.
16. My first reaction was to challenge him strongly and aggressively but it was my parents’ upbringing that curbed my instincts.
17. My parents had taught me never to disrespect our elders.
18. I waited for him to calm down for couple of minutes and then asked him politely that he should not have questioned my parents’ method of bringing up their children.

19. He accepted that he went a bit too far and tendered an apology to me and my parents.
20. I told him that there is no need to apologize as everything happened in the heat of the moment.
21. But I am glad that I controlled my temper and showed forbearance when I easily could have reacted in a more impolite manner.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions