IELTS MASTER | A female leader you would like to meet

A female leader you would like to meet

1. Every person should have a role model to look up to.
2. Since I have a keen interest in politics therefore I follow several politicians.
3. There are a few prominent politicians whom I really admire such as our Prime Minster Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and many more.
4. But there is one particular leader whom I adulate for her personal traits and would love to spend a day with.
5. And that leader is our Union Health Minister Mrs. Suneeta Mehra.
6. I absolutely admire her for two important reasons, first is that she has made her mark in the field of politics which is primarily dominated by the male leaders and second is her humble background and how through her sheer tenacity and doggedness she has been able to scale the heights which few can only dream of.
7. The things I have heard about her in media and internet are a great source of inspiration for youngsters like me.

8. There is a specific reason that she has been made the Union Health Minister and that is her focus on improving the health standards of the youngsters.
9. She is practically the first politician in India who has brought focus on fitness.
10. I read about her daily routine in her interview in which she mentioned that irrespective of her busy schedule she always manages to take out time for her daily workout.
11. I would love to spend a day with her and see how she does that even after being one of the most sought after personalities in India.
12. She also said that for her integrity and fitness are above any other ability.
13. She is also known for her humility and altruistic nature.
14. She is a philanthropist and runs a charity for differently abled children of our society.
15. Every now and then we can see her on TV espousing a noble cause for example, abiding of traffic rules or planting more trees in our neighbourhood or promoting girl education.
16. Recently she was in the news because she announced that it would be mandatory for schools to teach yoga to students starting from first grade.
17. She justified this mandate by saying that good habits should be inculcated from the very early stage of a person and since kids are highly impressionable so it becomes even more important that they are taught the right lifestyle at schools.

18. Another example of her firm belief in the importance of fitness in our lives.
19. Last month she set another example for youngsters to follow when she announced that she has turned vegetarian and would urge other people to do the same.
20. She is highly respected in our nation not only as a great leader but also as a great human being.
21. I would dearly love to meet her in person and inculcate some of her traits in my personality.