IELTS MASTER | Describe a time when you had some medicine

Describe a time when you had some medicine

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1. It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure.
2. Although I totally believe in the idea of prevention, there are still some afflictions which cannot be prevented because they strike unannounced.
3. For such ailments we have medicines.
4. I believe that medicines are the greatest invention of mankind.
5. Medicines empower us to fight many threats which could be otherwise debilitating for us and I can personally vouch for it since recently I went through one such harrowing experience.
6. I vividly remember it was the time of September.
7. Every year this time around the likelihood of diseases like dengue and malaria increases because of high breeding of mosquitoes.

8. Thousands of people catch these diseases and this year I was one of those unfortunate victims.
9. It started with a mild fever and body ache.
10. When it persisted for few days and decided to get myself checked.
11. When I explained my symptoms the doctor straight away wrote some tests for my fever as he feared the worst.
12. Reports came and I was diagnosed with dengue.
13. Luckily it was caught at a very nascent stage and the doctor started my medication immediately.
14. I was administered the prescribed medicine for dengue along with glucose drips and appropriate diet.
15. Everyday I had to take the pills for my fever thrice a day.
16. Also I was given injections on alternate days to fight the infection which has spread throughout my body.
17. My medication continued for three weeks after which my condition had improved significantly with no fever and very low levels of infection.

18. For few more days I was kept under observation.
19. It was a terrible experience for me physically as well as mentally.
20. And after going through this I just hope that we all take correct measures to eradicate such diseases from our society.

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