IELTS MASTER | Describe something important that you lost in the past

Describe something important that you lost in the past

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1. I have always dreamt of visiting a beach.
2. The best beach destination in India is Goa.
3. I have heard a lot about Goa especially about its new year celebrations.
4. Last year in December I had vacations of nearly 15 days so I fulfilled my dream of visiting Goa.
5. It was a memorable trip except one blemish that actually diluted my exhilarating experience.
6. On my third day of the trip I lost my mobile phone while attending a dance party.
7. The disco was full of people and everybody was going crazy in the party.

8. I too was having a gala time and danced like I have never before but in that frenzy I dropped my mobile phone somewhere.
9. I did not realize it until I reached back at the hotel room and thought of calling my parents.
10. It was Samsung A9 mobile phone which was gifted by my father when I scored 90% in my higher secondary school.
11. This phone held a special place in my collection of gifts because it was a token of appreciation from my father and it was my first mobile phone.
12. I had always been extra careful while using it and did not even let a scratch come on it.
13. I simply fell in love with this phone at first sight.
14. The screen size was huge at 6 inches and when I switched it on for the first time I knew I had a piece of brilliance in my hand.
15. It had a full HD screen and the brightness and sharpness of the colors was almost comparable to a 40 inch full HD LED TV we have at our place.
16. Because of its full HD screen, watching videos and playing games on it was a blissful experience.
17. It had 6 GB of RAM which empowered it to run even high end games very smoothly.
18. There was no lag whatsoever and the heating issue which is faced by many gaming lovers on their cell phones was non-existent.
19. My mobile had a 5000 mAh battery which gave me enough juice to perform my favorite pastimes including gaming, watching videos, internet surfing, listening to music, voice call and many more without having to worry about discharging my phone completely.
20. I felt incomplete when I lost it because without it I could not perform the aforementioned activities and it was hard to pass spare time on the trip.

21. I was also afraid that I would get some stern words from my father when I return back but my father was calm as ever and asked me not to worry too much.
22. A week later he bought me a new phone of same make and I am loving this as much as I did my last phone.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions