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Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions

1. Today’s modern life has become very hectic.
2. But there are sporadic moments when we all get some time for ourselves and I think we should take out some time for ourselves.
3. These are the times when one can do some introspection or do something he or she really loves to do.
4. Everybody has his or her way to spend these pleasurable moments.
5. I like to resort to reading whenever I get free time.
6. Reading not only relaxes me it also empowers me to grow intellectually.
7. Reading on different topics allows me to build an all-round perspective.
8. I like to read books from different genres but there is one particular magazine which I read every month when its latest edition is published.

9. That magazine is ‘Gizmo World’.
10. This magazine is a delight for geeks like me who like to keep abreast of world of technology.
11. I have bought the annual subscription of the magazine and on 5th of every month it is delivered to my home.
12. I especially enjoy reading two sections of this magazine.
13. First is new launch section.
14. In this section the magazine apprises of the latest and most innovative gadgets that have been launched in the last month.
15. This month’s edition features a Sony Bluetooth speaker which is waterproof and has a remarkable playback time of 30 hours on one full charge.
16. The second section which I look forward to is the review section.
17. In this section the experts from the field of technology reviews popular products after using these personally and give their verdict whether these are worth buying or not.
18. I bought my current mobile phone Samsung A9 after reading encouraging review in this magazine.
19. The review was very detailed and dispelled my apprehensions about this mobile phone.
20. I am happy that I heeded the advice given by the experts in the magazine since I have had wonderful experience with my mobile phone.

21. The magazine has some other useful sections as well and I would recommend it to everybody who has a slight interest in the field of technology.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions