IELTS MASTER | Describe a school you went to in your childhood

Describe a school you went to in your childhood

1. A good schooling lays the foundation of a better life for any student because it is in school where we first learn the basics of everything.
2. So it is imperative for parents to put their children in the right which can provide the kind of guidance and great academic facilities.
3. I was lucky enough to start my schooling from one such great school.
4. My school’s name is St. Stephen’s Convent school and it is considered to the best school in our city.
5. I joined this school in the first standard and studied their still senior secondary.
6. The procedure of getting admission into the school is highly competitive and every year thousands of children apply for the admission but only the selected few are admitted as the school is very particular about its image hence they admit only those children whom they deem intellectually fit enough as per the standards of the school.
7. My parents prepared me well for the admission process and after few rounds of tests I got admission into the school and that was the day when my life changed for better.
8. The school is divided into three departments as per the classes.
9. The first department is responsible for classes 1 to 5, the second is responsible for classes 6 to 9 and third one looks after classes 10 to 12.
10. The first department focuses solely on building the basics of students in all the major subjects specifically science and maths because my school believes in developing scientific temper and groom students as thinker and not crammers of the subjects.

11. But the most important department is the third one for couple of reasons.
12. First is that the classes under the purview of this department are board classes.
13. But the more significant function of this department is to prepare students for their future career choices.
14. Most of the students in higher secondary are confused about which stream to choose in senior secondary which could pave the way for bright career for them.
15. This is where this department plays a crucial rule.
16. The department has separate career councillors who guide the students to choose the right stream as per their interest and more importantly capability.
17. They do not only council students, they also meet with parents and make them understand that it is never a good idea to push their children to go for a particular stream just because it is a popular choice.

18. They apprise the parents of the repercussions if they force their children to choose a particular stream which could culminate into a stressful condition for the student if he is not mentally prepared or capable of performing in that stream.
19. I wish all the schools had such councillors because every year many students make the wrong choices under duress from their parents and we all know the unfortunate and extreme steps they can take afterwards.
20. I was lucky enough to be guided properly by one of the career councillors and I am extremely happy with the choice I made with his help.