IELTS MASTER | An animal you like the most

An animal you like the most

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1. I have always been fond of animals.
2. I have inherited this fondness since my parents also like animals very much.
3. I like to play with dogs and cats but there is one animal I am absolutely crazy about and that is horse.
4. When I was around 12 years old my father decided that I should pick up an activity outside my academic curriculum.
5. The two obvious choices were either some sport or some kind of musical instrument.
6. Since both my father and I are sport lovers so decision was a no brainer.
7. Now the dilemma was to choose the sports activity.

8. My father decided that I should join the horse riding club nearby our house.
9. My father chose this activity for a particular reason.
10. He loves horse riding and was a member of this club around 5 years ago.
11. He said that he would join the club again hence being able to accompany me and rekindle his love for horse riding.
12. I vividly remember the first time I rode a horse.
13. What began as a scare turned into a love affair only in a matter of minutes.
14. I had never seen an animal as gentle as a horse.
15. It is so quiet and easy to work with.
16. If we are gentle to it then it would easily understand and agree to what we want it to do.
17. I am absolutely fascinated by its speed which I witnessed for the first time in a horse race.
18. I had never seen an animal run this fast before.

19. At that moment I realized that why horses are associated with royalty.
20. I had heard of stories about how kings of old Indian provinces were obsessed about horses and took pride in their collection of horses.
21. I too dream of owning a horse one day.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions