IELTS MASTER | Describe a person who likes to travel by plane

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane

1. I live in a joint family and my uncle is the oldest member of our family.
2. He loves me like his own son and is highly respected in our family because of his rational demeanour and the things he has achieved in his life.
3. My grandfather was not a rich person so my uncle had to work part time jobs to pay for his higher education.
4. He did engineering from one of the best institutes in our country and got a job in the biggest IT company in India.
5. After working there for couple of years he did MBA and completely changed his professional line by joining a consulting company.
6. When I asked him that why did he join a consulting company his answer came as a surprise to me.
7. He said that he joined consulting company because of his love for travelling and while working in a consulting company he would get ample opportunities to travel across the globe and not only in India and the best part he told me was that company pays for all the traveling expenses so it is like a paid vacation for him.
8. Being brought up in a lower middle class family he never got the opportunity to fly in a plane but he was always fascinated whenever he saw planes in the sky.
9. So he told me that by joining the consulting company he gets the opportunity to fulfil his dream of traveling in a plane.

10. Now he often travels in plane as he makes frequent visits to clients abroad and he tells me that every time he flies it is a new experience for him.
11. Although now he has flown more times than he can remember he still feels the same thrill when the plane takes off which he felt when he flew for the first time.
12. Another reason he told he likes flying is the perks he gets for being a frequent flyer with a particular airline.
13. He has gathered enough points to become the platinum member of the airline through which he travels most often.
14. He tells me that after gaining the platinum membership he is treated like a VIP on the flight.
15. He gets to choose this seat and food as per his convenience and gets a lot of complementary things on the flight such as snacks and drinks.

16. He is a genial person and loves to make new friends and flying gives him ample opportunities to meet new people from different cultures and make new friends.
17. He tells me that every time he flies he tries to make a conversation with a stranger from another country so that he can learn about their culture and know about places which are worth visiting in his country.
18. Now he flies at least twice or thrice in a month and he tells me that he living his dream of working while travelling frequently in plane.