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First mobile phone

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1. I have received several gifts from my parents and all those are special to me.
2. But there is one gift which is very close to my heart.
3. That is Samsung A9 mobile phone which was gifted by my father when I scored 90% in my higher secondary school.
4. This phone holds a special place in my collection of gifts because it was a token of appreciation from my father and it was my first mobile phone.
5. I have always been extra careful while using it and do not even let a scratch come on it.
6. I simply fell in love with this phone at first sight.
7. The screen size is huge at 6 inches and when I switched it on for the first time I knew I had a piece of brilliance in my hand.

8. It has a full HD screen and the brightness and sharpness of the colors is almost comparable to a 40 inch full HD LED TV we have at our place.
9. Because of its full HD screen, watching videos and playing games on it is a blissful experience.
10. I am a gaming buff and wanted a mobile that would vouchsafe me excellent gaming experience.
11. In this regard this mobile has been a brilliant choice by my father.
12. It has 6 GB of RAM which empowers it to run even high end games very smoothly.
13. There is no lag whatsoever and the heating issue which is faced by many gaming lovers on their cell phones is non-existent.
14. Another common concern of gamers about mobile phones is their mediocre battery life.
15. Thankfully my mobile has a 5000 mAh battery which gives me enough juice to perform my favorite pastimes including gaming, watching videos, internet surfing, listening to music, voice call and many more without having to worry about discharging my phone completely.
16. I just charge is once a day and if I limit the heavy load activities of gaming and watching videos then it can easily last for two full days.
17. Samsung is a giant in the field of mobile phones and is known for its cutting edge technology and after sales customer service.

18. I have to admit that in my case so far it has lived up to its image.
19. I simply marvel at the things this small piece of technology can accomplish.
20. When I take it out in front of my friends it becomes a thing of envy.
21. I confess that Samsung has earned my allegiance and all my future mobile phones would be of the same make.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions