IELTS MASTER | Describe an occasion when you were scared

Describe an occasion when you were scared

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1. I am a happy go lucky type of person and my life has been full of memorable moments.
2. But no individual can claim that he has never faced a tough situation in his life and I am no different.
3. I too have been through some rough patches but there was one occasion recently when I was overly concerned to the extent that it got me scared.
4. I vividly remember it was the time of February.
5. Every year this time around the likelihood of diseases like dengue and malaria increases because of high breeding of mosquitoes.
6. Thousands of people catch these diseases and this year I was one of those unfortunate victims.
7. It started with a mild fever and body ache.

8. When it persisted for few days and decided to get myself checked.
9. When I explained my symptoms the doctor straight away wrote some tests for my fever as he feared the worst.
10. Reports came and I was diagnosed with dengue.
11. I was horrified because the images of my cousin came to my mind who had caught this fever two years ago.
12. He was completely bedridden for one month and the weakness caused by the fever emasculated him physically.
13. He lost over 5 kgs of weight and suffered severe hair loss.
14. He was almost unrecognizable after a month.
15. All these memories of his fueled my fear.
16. I was obviously fretting for my health but there was one more reason which exasperated my worry.
17. And that was my house tests which were scheduled to happen next month.
18. I was afraid that I would not be able to perform well in those tests if the fever worsened further.
19. But luckily it was caught at a very nascent stage and the doctor started my medication immediately.

20. I was administered the prescribed medicine for dengue along with glucose drips and appropriate diet.
21. I started showing signs of recovery after 3 days and 7 days later fresh tests declared me cured of this disease.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions