IELTS MASTER | Talk about a game show or quiz programme on television

Talk about a game show or quiz programme on television

1. I like to keep myself busy.
2. My two favorite pastimes are reading and playing sports.
3. I am not a big fan of electronic media and generally stay away from media sources.
4. I seldom switch on TV and when I do I only watch sporting events or news.
5. But recently I saw a program on TV which I really enjoyed to the hilt.
6. The program was America’s Got Talent.
7. I was sitting in my living room with my sister and she is really fond of this program.
8. She played the program and insisted that I watch it because in this program contestants are asked to play some very interesting games and to showcase their talent.

9. Although it is a game show, I liked this program for entirely different reason, that is the humorous nature of the program.
10. Most of the contestants are serious competitors with genuine abilities but for me the other contestants who were just there for some air time were the highlights of this program.
11. These guys were really weird and funny and I had a blast while watching their performances on live TV.
12. There was this one guy who actually believed that he was the reincarnation of Jesus.
13. He told about several miracles that he had performed and told the judges that he was there to exhibit his ability to fly in the air.
14. He said that he would jump off a table and before hitting the ground he would be afloat in air.
15. He asked the organizers to arrange a table and some strange stuff like half cut apple and wet salt.
16. He required apple and salt to perform some rituals which were part of his miracle.
17. He sat there on the floor and started doing some crazy stuff like kissing the apple and murmuring in his mouth.
18. He was pretty serious about this stuff and really got the audience intrigued.
19. For a moment even I believed that this guy might pull off something out of the box.
20. The build up to the event was impressive and then came the moment of truth.
21. He climbed on the table and made some gestures in the air towards the sky.

22. Then he asked the audience to take the lord’s name and shout jump at which moment he would jump off the table.
23. Audience followed his orders and shouted jump and at the same moment he jumped in the air.
24. I had to say I was impressed by the height he covered in his jump but the next moment he fell flat on the floor with a sound of thud.
25. It took me a second to realize what had happened but after that I laughed like a deranged man.
26. I kept laughing for another two minutes and my sister thought I had gone crazy too just like the man on TV.
27. She told me to get hold of myself but the whole event was just too funny.