IELTS MASTER | Describe one of your grandparent’s job

Describe one of your grandparent’s job

1. Both of my parents are working so I did not get much time from them in the childhood.
2. Fortunately my grandparents live with us and it was them who practically brought me up.
3. They are sweetest grandparents one can have.
4. They fulfilled all my wishes in my childhood and sometimes my father would argue with my grandfather that he was pampering me by pandering to my demands.
5. Nonetheless he would continue to do so.
6. Every evening I would sit with my grandfather and he would share his experiences from his childhood and adulthood.
7. My grandfather was a clerk in one of the major banks in our country.

8. He got this job after clearing an entrance exam and two rounds of interviews.
9. On first day his job he went through an orientation process in which he and other new employees were apprised about the heritage of the bank and critical process that were entailed in the day to day running of the bank.
10. They were further explained their roles in the organization.
11. As a clerk my grandfather’s primary responsibility was to attend new customers who intended to open new accounts with the bank.
12. Everyday he would cater to nearly 50 customers and assist them in opening new bank accounts.
13. He would encounter different types of persons daily belonging to various age groups, religions, and educational backgrounds.
14. He told me that while it was easy to attend to literate people because they understood the process and information mentioned on the bank opening account form which was in English, he found it particularly challenging to open accounts for people with lower literacy level.
15. It was arduous because he had to explain the whole form to them and also to fill the form himself for them which consumed a lot of his time and sometimes other customers who were waiting in the queue got agitated because of this.
16. Nonetheless he really loved his work because he got the chance to meet people from different spheres of society and while doing the official those people would have a short chat with him and share their own experiences with him.
17. He particularly remember one such person who are nearly 70 years old and was not well educated.
18. When he arrived to open his account he came with a preconceived notion that all clerks in the banks are rude.
19. His notion was predicated on his prior encounter with an executive of another bank who was apparently abrasive to him because of his lack of knowledge of English.
20. But when he met my grandfather and was treated in very professional and polite manner by him, he was pleasantly surprised and also shared his previous bitter experience.

21. Then my grandfather explained to him patiently that not all bank employees are same and sometimes they behave rudely because of the pressure of the job.
22. That old person gave blessings to my grandfather and became a patron of the bank and also recommend many more customers to the bank.
23. He personally met the manager of the bank and praised my grandfather because of which he got employee of the month award.

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