IELTS MASTER | Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals

Talk about someone who encourages you to achieve goals

1. Every person should have a role model to look up to.
2. And for me that role model is my father and I am not saying this just because he is my father, I am saying this because he is the most rational, calm and diligent person I have seen in my life.
3. Whenever I am in a dilemma I always seek his counsel.
4. He has always maintained a very open and friendly relationship with me and that is why I never feel hesitant to ask him for help.
5. He knows me inside out and immediately discerns when something is bothering me.
6. Last week also I was sitting in our living room in a very pensive mood.

7. He observed me for a while and then casually came and sat beside me.
8. He put his arm around my neck just like a friend would do and asked me what was wrong.
9. Actually the thing that was troubling me was related to my future career choice.
10. I have always been a sports fanatic and I absolutely love football.
11. I picked up the game at a very early age and became the school football team captain a year after joining the team.
12. My coach recognized my talent and asked me if I was serious about the sport.
13. I told him that I would give anything to become a professional footballer.
14. He was glad to hear that but then he put me on the crossroads.
15. He told me that if I intend to become a professional footballer then I would have to devote more time to the game which means I had to compromise on my academics and that was the main reason I was sitting in a somber mood in our living, because I did not know how to discuss this matter with my father who always dreamed of me becoming an IAS officer.
16. Somehow I mustered the courage and told him everything and he reacted as if I had told a joke to him.

17. He said to me that he saw nothing wrong in that because every individual has the right to pursue his dreams and he would love to see me become a footballer after all my happiness mattered the most to him.
18. He really encouraged me to go after my goal wholeheartedly in fact the next day he went to my school and talked to my teachers and football coach about my long term goal.
19. They all agreed that if I football is my passion so I should devote more time to it.
20. On our way back home my father stopped at a sports shop and bought me a fresh pair of football shoes and that is when I realized that nothing would make him happier than me achieving my goal of becoming a professional footballer.