IELTS MASTER | A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions

A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions

1. The most interesting person I know is my childhood friend Arvind.
2. I know him since the first grade and since then we have been together.
3. He is also the most intelligent person I know.
4. He is a complete all-rounder and excels in everything he partakes in.
5. He is the monitor of our class as well as the captain of our school football team.
6. He has won several accolades and has made his family proud.
7. Obviously he has so many traits but the one quality which I like the most about him is his way of thinking.
8. He always tries to think out of the box.

9. He always tells me that a person should never stop learning whatever his age might be because the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing as an individual.
10. His ideas and opinions always challenge the normal rules of the society and the reason behind that is his inquisitive nature.
11. And because of this unorthodox thinking he is sometimes considered a bit of an iconoclast.
12. He always has questions about everything and likes to get to the bottom it.
13. He is not the one to take things on their face value and does not easily accept it if it does not make sense to him.
14. He often argues with his parents on several topics and I have to say sometimes his arguments are hard to beat.
15. Sure he argues but he ensures that he does not cross the line by disrespecting his parents.
16. I particularly enjoy the discussion between him and one of his uncles who is a deeply religious person.
17. Whenever he comes to their place it is inevitable that a conversation would start between these two around some religious topic and it would last for couple of hours.
18. These conversations are entertaining as well as enlightening.
19. His uncle is never affronted by his inquiries on the contrary he is impressed by his ability to question and learn.

20. Since he asks a lot questions he has developed a perspective about almost everything.
21. He is a sports fanatic and it is almost impossible to win an argument on sports against him.
22. Once I accidentally mentioned that our cricket team captain should be dropped from the team because of his recent failures.
23. The word dropped was enough to get him started after which he gave me a 15 minutes long lecture countering my opinion and at the end of which he managed to convince me otherwise.