IELTS MASTER | Describe your favourite clothes

Describe your favourite clothes

1. I consider myself an extrovert and gregarious person.
2. I like to socialize and meet new people.
3. I particularly enjoy family functions where I get chance to catch up with my relatives and spend some quality time.
4. I would like to assume that other people enjoy my company as well.
5. I can say so because of my affable nature and I always keep myself presentable on social occasions.
6. I always prepare for the occasion and dresses are an important part of this preparation.
7. There is one particular dress that I wore on my brother’s wedding and I absolutely love this piece of clothing.

8. It is a black tuxedo with white shirt.
9. It is the classiest piece in my wardrobe.
10. For my brother’s marriage I was confused between two choices.
11. One was a traditional dress and other was a tuxedo.
12. I finally decided to go with the latter since I knew that majority of my cousins would choose the more common choice of traditional dress.
13. I wanted to look apart hence my choice was palpable.
14. Once I finalized my choice, the next step was to decide the color.
15. I went to the most popular shop in my city for formal clothes.
16. He showed me various colors and some of those were really vibrant.
17. But when it comes to elegance nothing beats the classic colors of black and white.
18. I gave my body measurements and a week later it was ready.
19. I tried it on the shop and suggested some alterations to the tailor who had stitched it.
20. He asked for couple of more days to make the changes.

21. Two days later I went back for another trial.
22. This time the fitting was perfect and I have to say even I was surprised at my look.
23. The suit gave me not only classy but a mature look.
24. It was the look that everybody would take seriously.
25. My choice was vindicated when everybody in the marriage admired my attire.
26. I have worn this suit just once so far and I am waiting for another special occasion where I can flaunt this priced possession of mine.