IELTS MASTER | Talk about an equipment that was broken and you got repaired

Talk about an equipment that was broken and you got repaired

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1. I have received several gifts from my parents and all those are special to me.
2. But there is one gift which is very close to my heart.
3. That is HP laptop which was gifted by my father when I scored 90% in my higher secondary school.
4. This laptop holds a special place in my collection of gifts because it was a token of appreciation from my father and I am emotionally attached to it.
5. I have always been extra careful while using it and did not even let a scratch come on it.
6. But two months back an unfortunate incident happened when I was playing with my niece in my room.
7. I just left her alone for two minutes and in those two minutes she somehow managed to get her hands on the laptop and dropped it hard on the ground.

8. When I heard the sound I feared for the worst and there it was on the ground with its screen completely shattered.
9. For the first few moments I did not know how to react because I did not want to shout at her, she is just a child.
10. I got myself together and realized that the first thing I need to check is whether the laptop is under warranty period and if it is then whether physical damage is covered under warranty or not.
11. I went to HP’s website and put my laptop’s serial number to check the warranty status.
12. Unfortunately the warranty had expired three months back.
13. Now I had to look for other measures to get it fixed.
14. So I called the customer care of HP.
15. The customer care executive was really helpful and gave me all the details of a local HP repair centre where I could get a new screen for my laptop.
16. The very next day I visited the repair centre and after assessing the damage the technician told me that I would take nearly 10 days to get the screen replaced.
17. So I deposited my laptop there and left for home.
18. I went back to the repair centre afte 10 days.
19. They had replaced the screen but on careful observation I spotted a blemish on the new screen.
20. On the left top corner of the screen I saw a dark spot which was not discernible on first glance but became prominent with certain backgrounds.

21. I reported this issue and the technician asked for another couple of days to fix it.
22. Two days later I visited the repair centre again and this time the technician had done a splendid job.
23. The new screen was just perfect and gave an absolutely new look to my laptop.

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