IELTS MASTER | Describe a time when a family member asked for your help

Describe a time when a family member asked for your help

1. I have been blessed with a great family.
2. Apart from my parents I am also very close to my uncle.
3. He has always loved me like his own son and I cannot even count the number of gifts he has bought me since my childhood.
4. I too treat him like my father and have always looked for opportunities to show my appreciation for whatever he has done for me.
5. He has never asked something of me but recently he approached me for a small favour and I felt obliged to help him.
6. My uncle is associated with a leading NGO which conducts weekend classes for the children belonging to underprivileged section of society.
7. He has been part of this NGO for a decade now and when I was a child he sometimes took me to the camps conducted by this NGO.

8. Every second Sunday of the month, science classes are conducted for these students.
9. But last month the regular science faculty fell ill and he called in sick at the eleventh hour.
10. So my uncle asked me if I would be willing to take those science sessions for one day.
11. Initially I was apprehensive as I did not have any teaching experience but I did not want to disappoint my uncle since this was the first time he asked something of me.
12. Still I shared my doubt with him and he told me not to worry a lot and promised me that I would love this opportunity.
13. And he proved to be exactly right.
14. I began my session with a small round of introduction in which I learnt about those kids.
15. They told me about their family background and all the hardships their parents have to go through just to put food on the plate.
16. I was really taken aback by the plight of their families and realized how good a work this NGO was doing by imparting education to these kids which would give them a platform to do something better with their lives.
17. In this emotional exchange of experiences I nearly forgot that I was there to teach science, which I was reminded by one of the students only.
18. I went with a preconceived notion that those students would not be serious about their studies but to my surprise they not only showed utmost sincerity in the class, they also gave me a reality check with their deep understanding of basic concepts of physics and chemistry.

19. I was really impressed with their hunger to learn and ability to grasp concepts quickly.
20. Time just flew by and before I realized it was time to end the session.
21. I went in as a teacher but came out as a student, those interactions taught me something about our society which I was completely oblivious of.
22. It was one of the most memorable days of my life and I wanted to experience it again so I asked my uncle if he would allow me to do more such sessions.
23. He promised me that he would arrange something for me in the near future.