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Talk about something you would like to get replaced

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1. I like to travel a lot and while travelling music is my favorite pastime.
2. I always carry my mp3 player with me while traveling and like to update my playlist every two months.
3. I have a Philips mp3 player and last month I broke the headphones that came with the player.
4. I immediately started searching for a new a set of headphones to buy.
5. I had two main requirements.
6. First was obviously good sound quality and second was that headphone should be wireless because that makes it easy to carry and handle.
7. My friend recommended me a Bluetooth headphone manufactured by Sony.

8. I did some search on internet on that model and after reading positive reviews I bought it.
9. I was highly impressed by the sound quality of the headphones.
10. But on my last trip I realized that these headphones are not meant for me and I have to get these replaced.
11. While these headphones are good for short time usage, these are not ideal for long period of time.
12. On my last trip I put on these headphones for nearly an hour at a stretch after which my ear started to hurt.
13. Only after using it for long period continuously I realized that the cushion on the earphones gets stiff because of which it hurts the soft skin of my ears.
14. Also the circumference of the earphones is of medium size and my ears are slightly larger for these which also makes these a misfit for longer use.
15. Another reason that makes these headphones unsuitable for long journeys is their limited battery life.
16. It takes around 12 hours to fully charge these headphones.
17. And at full strength the headphones give a playback time of nearly 2 hours.

18. 2 hours of use is decent if I have to use these at home only but on my frequent trips I need headphones which can last for at least 3-4 hours.
19. I have already put the replacement request on the online site from where I bought these headphones and in exchange I have ordered another set of headphones with larger surface area and battery life.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions