IELTS MASTER | Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

1. I have been blessed with a wonderful family.
2. Everything I have ever wished for I have been granted by my parents.
3. I must admit that at some occasions my demands were a bit outlandish and I acted petulantly but parents being parents, they fulfilled those whims as well.
4. In my childhood I got more gifts than I could even remember.
5. Some of those I still have in my closet and are reminiscent of my amazing childhood.
6. But there is one toy which is the closest to my heart and that is a small talking robot of spider man.
7. Since my childhood I have been a huge a fan of spider man and always dreamt of becoming a super hero myself.

8. I got this gift on my 6th birthday and my joy knew no bounds.
9. I was absolutely thrilled and could not sleep entire night imagining about all the things I would do with the robot next day.
10. Next day the first thing which I did was I showed the robot to all my friends with a feeling of superiority, which I imaging any kid would have felt with such a toy in his already huge collection.
11. Not to my surprise my friends were equally fascinated by the robot and asked me to tell them all the amazing things it could do.
12. So I started showcasing all the features of the robot to them.
13. I switched on the robot and immediately after switching on it said hello I am spider man, I am your friend and tell me whenever you need my help.

14. I almost felt like real life spider man or spider man which we were used to see in animation movies.
15. The moment that message came of the robot I myself felt like a superhero among my friends and I can never forget that look of awe on their faces.
16. To further amaze my friends, I showed them other cool features of the robot which included doing a somersault and splashing water instead of thread from its wrist.
17. That was one of proudest moments of my life and it was because of the best toy I received from my parents.