IELTS MASTER | Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted

Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted

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1. I have been blessed with a wonderful family.
2. Everything I have ever wished for I have been granted by my parents.
3. I must admit that at some occasions my demands were a bit outlandish and I acted petulantly but parents being parents, they fulfilled my those whims as well.
4. But there was one occasion when even they were helpless and did not know how to get me something I wanted desperately.
5. And that was access to an event I was really looking forward to.
6. I am a huge fan of Tom Cruise and I always watch first day first show of his movies.
7. Last year his marketing team announced that he would visit India in the second half of the year.

8. When I heard of this my excitement knew no bounds.
9. I started dreaming of meeting him and clicking photos with my idol.
10. A news channel was going to organize an open question and answer session with him and announced that the audience would comprise of only youngsters from the age group of 16-22 years.
11. I was desperate to be part of that audience.
12. But soon my enthusiasm was jolted when I came to know that access to this event was by invite only.
13. I asked my father if he could get me the invite, but unfortunately he does not have any acquaintance in media industry so he had his task cut out.
14. I had given up on my dream when it struck me that one of my classmates’ father works for a local news channel.
15. I shared my desire with him and he assured that he would talk to his father regarding this.
16. I was praying to almighty as this was my last hope.
17. His father made some calls and my prayers were heard as he managed to reach one of his contacts who works for the same news channel that was organizing this event.
18. Although it was not easy because a place in that audience was a highly coveted thing but that person offered me his sole special pass which was granted to few insiders.
19. Finally the day came, I was sitting in the audience and was waiting for Tom Cruise to enter the arena with bated breath.

20. It was an entertaining and knowledgeable session as Tom Cruise talked about his journey to stardom which started with a lot of struggle and setbacks.
21. I also got a chance to ask him a question about his experience in India which he replied to with utmost aplomb.
22. This was a dream come true and I will cherish this experience till my last breath.

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