IELTS MASTER | A visit you made using public transport

A visit you made using public transport

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1. Last year I went to Andaman Islands in my summer vacation.
2. The islands are nearly 2000 miles away from my city.
3. Given the huge amount of distance, the most preferred way to travel to these islands from my city is either train or aircraft.
4. Since the aircraft tickets are really expensive in holiday season due to heightened demand, my parents decided to commute by train.
5. The journey by train takes nearly two days to finish which terminates at a port city from where the last mile to the island is covered by a ship.
6. I was really looking forward to this journey because I have always enjoyed traveling in a train especially for long journeys as it gives me opportunity to meet new people and learn from them.

7. In this journey as well I met a person who came aboard at the Delhi junction.
8. He seemed like a really nice person and when I told him that we are going to Andaman Islands he said that last year he went to the same place.
9. He shared his experience and guided me about tourist attractions of the Islands.
10. He also suggested us about the hotels that we should consider for our accommodation and how to stay away from some of the unscrupulous travel agents who are always looking to hoodwink the tourists.
11. He traveled with us till Kochi where he alighted the train.
12. Nearly 5 hours later the train reached its destination from where we left for the Islands.
13. Andaman is like no other place I have seen in India.
14. It is an epitome of nature’s creativity, with hills on one side and vast expanse of sea beach on the other.
15. There is so much greenery and open spaces that I could not believe such a place could exist in this modern urbanized world.
16. The frenzy of urbanization has not yet touched this part of our nation and there are still tribes present there which are living in their orthodox lifestyle.
17. I met a few guys from these tribes and was really fascinated with their way of living.
18. I also learnt about a few of their traditions which we would find absurd but are an integral part of their existence.
19. Their diet is also absolutely different from what we normally have in our daily lives.
20. Their diet primarily consists of sea creatures, some of which I cannot even imagine to ingest.

21. I was really enthralled by this visit as I got to see a completely different facet of mankind and nature.
22. It was a whole new experience for me, something I would remember till my last breath.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions