IELTS MASTER | Describe a picture or photograph in your home

Describe a picture or photograph in your home

1. I am a gregarious person and I like to meet new people.
2. Therefore I always wait for social occasions where I can get opportunities to interact with new people.
3. There is one more reason I like such occasions and that is the chance I get to flaunt my amazing wardrobe and to click some great photos which I always keep in my phone.
4. I have got myself clicked on several occasions and some of my photos are really impressive.
5. But there is one photo which is very close to my heart.
6. I have got this photo framed and hung it in my room.
7. It was clicked on one of my friend’s son’s birthday party.
8. I really like this photo because in this photo there are couple of my school friends as well whom I met after a very long time.

9. I vividly remember that time and the exact moment when this photo was clicked.
10. I felt just like our school time when we used to enjoy each other’s company.
11. Whenever I see that picture I feel nostalgic and wish that the school time had never ended because it was the best time of my life.
12. But the picture also makes me realize that change is the only constant in nature and things always move on.
13. I look at my friends in the picture and see how much they have changed over the years.
14. I my memories they are still those young brash kids who would do reckless things at the drop of the hat but in reality they have grown into responsible persons now.
15. The photo also reminds me how much I enjoyed the event that brought all of us together.
16. The whole thing was well planned and executed.
17. My friend had selected ‘Hotel Paradise’ for the event.
18. The place was inaugurated recently and had gained huge popularity owing to its variety of cuisines, excellent ambience and exceptional service quality.
19. I was planning to visit this place and luckily the opportunity presented itself.
20. I arrived at the party with my other school friends at around 8 pm.

21. I was reminiscing with my old school friends when my friend announced that celebration is about to begin.
22. The party began with a short performance from his son and his son’s friends who danced on a popular rhyme.
23. The performance was simply cute and I wondered at the innocence of those kids, such carefree spirits.
24. It was reminiscent of my childhood days.
25. The dance performance was followed by another interesting activity in which my friend displayed that how his son had evolved over the years with the help of a collage of images that he had captured since my nephew’s birth.
26. Everybody appreciated the effort he had put in to make this collage it was highly impressive.
27. Once the collage had finished he invited everybody to the centre stage for cake cutting ceremony.
28. His son blew off the candle on the cake and the arena erupted with applause with everybody wishing him happy birthday.
29. After that the guests offered the gifts they had brought for him.
30. I had bought a talking puppy for him since I was aware of his love for dogs.
31. Shortly after guests started to leave and thanked my friend for such a splendid evening.
32. I too thoroughly enjoyed the party and wish that every now and then I get such opportunities to meet my old buddies.