IELTS MASTER | When was the first time you admired the sky

When was the first time you admired the sky

1. Every year I go to some holiday destination with my family in summer vacations.
2. This is the time of the year I really look forward to because for few days I can completely forget my worries and enjoy to the fullest.
3. These vacations are refreshing for all of us and help to bring the family closer.
4. In the summer vacations of the last 5 years we have explored all the major hill stations in our part of the country.
5. I have a predilection for hilly areas as being a resident of a metro city I seldom get to see such beautiful sites full of greenery and fresh air.
6. All these visits have been really memorable but I particularly remember my visit to Dhanaulti.
7. It is a lesser known hill station in my state and has not been discovered by many people yet.
8. This is the reason its natural beauty has not been contaminated by commercialization as it has been done with other popular hilly areas which have become overcrowded over the years and are resembling more and more like cities.

9. There are vast expanses of green land in Dhanaulti and you can feel the freshness in the air at all times of the day.
10. I specifically remember one night when I was sitting in the balcony of our room and I was simply amazed after looking at the sky.
11. I had never seen the moonlight being so pristine before and stars were shining like diamonds.
12. Being a resident of a mainstream city, I barely get the chance and time to enjoy such moments and even if I try I know I can never get such a beautiful scenery in my city whose atmosphere is filled with pollution.
13. But that night in Dhanualti I got the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature live.
14. Incidentally that was a full moon night so the experience became more blissful.
15. Before that night I had never seen small bright objects moving in the sky.
16. But that night the sky was so clear that even the smallest of movements of objects was noticeable.
17. While I was marvelling at the beauty of the dark my father came and joined me.
18. He told me about the different constellations of the stars and their names and locations which he told we could never see in our city clearly.

19. He also told me about the brightest star in the sky, the Polestar and said that its location never changes.
20. He also shared his experiences when he was a kid and lived in a village, he too used sit at the terrace in the night and stare at the sky for hours.
21. For next half an hour both of us sat their quietly just looking at the sky and enjoying one of the most serene moments of my life.
22. I wish to enjoy more such experiences in my life because as my father says that we always remember the experiences and not material things we buy.