IELTS MASTER | Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back

Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back

1. Last year I went to Andaman Islands in my summer vacation.
2. The islands are nearly 2000 miles away from my city.
3. Given the huge amount of distance, the most preferred way to travel to these islands from my city is either train or aircraft.
4. Since the aircraft tickets are really expensive in holiday season due to heightened demand, my parents decided to commute by train.
5. The journey by train takes nearly two days to finish which terminates at a port city from where the last mile to the island is covered by a ship.
6. I along with my family were sitting in the waiting room waiting for the train to arrive when I realized that my mobile phone was missing.

7. I looked around frantically for it but could not find it.
8. Then I told my father about it and he called at my number from his mobile.
9. The call went through but nobody picked up at the other end.
10. I started panicking and was about to cry when my father calmed me down.
11. He dialled again and this time as well there was no response.
12. Both of us started searching for it in the waiting room and then on the platform outside.
13. We also asked people standing on the platform if anybody had seen a mobile phone dropped on the floor.
14. We got negative response from everybody.
15. Then we saw an official on the platform and my father told him about the situation.
16. He advised us to go to the ‘lost and found’ department and talk to someone there.
17. We went to the department and when informed the official there about the missing mobile, he immediately made an announcement through his mic which was played all over the railway station.
18. He said in the announcement that if anybody had found a Samsung Note 10 mobile anywhere on the station then please report it to the ‘lost and found’ department.
19. After the announcement he told us to wait for 15 minutes.
20. I was getting really impatient and angry at myself.

21. After nearly 20 minutes a gentleman came to the department and inquired about the announcement of missing mobile over the counter.
22. The man over the counter informed the official who made the announcement about this gentleman and brought him to his room.
23. I could see him carrying my mobile and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
24. He handed over the mobile to the official who confirmed with me whether it was my mobile.
25. I was overjoyed to see that my mobile was in perfect condition and thanked the gentleman profusely.
26. He told us that he found the mobile in men’s washroom where it was lying behind the dustbin.
27. Then I realized that I might have dropped it when I went to the washroom before entering the waiting room.