IELTS MASTER | Talk about a place where you spend time with your friends

Talk about a place where you spend time with your friends

1. Friends are like extended family.
2. Friends are paramount in our lives because with friends we can be anybody we want to be.
3. They are true stress busters.
4. With family members we might sometimes feel reluctant but with friends we are akin to an open book.
5. I have been blessed with some wonderful friends and some of the most cherished memories of my childhood are from the time I spent with my friends.
6. I often go out with my friends to places like amusement parks, movie theaters or restaurants.
7. But there is one place where I and my friends prefer to go the most and that place is Alpha shopping mall.

8. It opened only two months back and has already become a popular place among local residents to hang out.
9. The biggest advantage of the shopping mall is its central location which makes it easily accessible to all the people of the city.
10. But for me the main attraction is the options that it provides me.
11. I am not a brand conscious person but I don’t mind wearing branded clothes either.
12. I am not willing to pay exorbitant price just to put a brand name on my clothes.
13. For me there should be a balance between the appearance of a clothing and the price I pay for it.
14. And that is why we love this place because it gives us that perfect balance.
15. All the major clothing brands have their outlets in this mall.
16. Every time we visit these outlets we can easily find some offers running which allow us to make good purchases within our purchasing power.
17. We might not get the best of the lot but we always get decent clothes at reasonable prices.
18. I have already gathered a nice collection of clothes, shoes and some accessories, all thanks to the shopping mall.

19. There is one more reason why we like this mall and that is its food court.
20. Every time we go there for shopping, we specially reserve extra half an hour for a visit to the food court.
21. We simply love the place for the options it has which we don’t normally find at local food joints.
22. We can choose from all the popular cuisines including Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Mughlai, Italian and many more.
23. I find this place really refreshing and whenever I am a bit stressed I visit there with my friends.