IELTS MASTER | Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

Describe an experience you had as a member of a team

1. I am a hyper active person.
2. I like to keep myself busy both physically as well as mentally.
3. For my physical fitness I prefer games such as badminton and football, and for my mental growth I resort to reading.
4. Badminton I picked up recently but football I have been played since my childhood.
5. I have always preferred outdoor games over indoor games and football was the most palatable choice because the love for football runs in my family.
6. My father is an avid football fan and when I was a kid I used to enjoy watching football matches with him.
7. During that short span of time my father would transform into a completely different person.
8. He is deeply passionate about very few things and football is one of these things, and I inherited that passion from him.

9. I started playing football in the small park which is situated in the middle of our society.
10. Most of the boys in my society are of my age so it was not difficult to find company for the sport.
11. We formed a small group and every evening played football for nearly 2 hours.
12. The game brought us really close and we started enjoying each other’s company even after play time was over.
13. I think this feeling of togetherness is inherent in the sport since it is a team sport.
14. I particularly remember one game in which things go really close.
15. It was the final of our society football club competition and my team was one of the finalists.
16. The scores were tied at 2-2 in the first half and no team managed to score another goal in the regular time in the second half.

17. We were given an extra time of 15 minutes at the end of regular time.
18. Every player on the field was tense and giving him 100 percent to win the match for his team.
19. Since I played in the offence it was my responsibility to score the winning goal for my team and that day I was hellbent to do it.
20. Luckily in the last minute of the game I got a clear pass from our team’s midfielder and I managed to turn that pass into a goal.
21. My whole team was ecstatic because this was the time we had won this competition.
22. The feeling after winning was like no other feeling I had experienced before.
23. After the official ceremony, the whole team went out to celebrate our victory.
24. It is still one of the most memorable days of my life.

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